21 Ways to be Green

Teachers! You can help!

Here are some ways to help your environment:

Go on, turn over a new leaf - every little helps!

1. Recycle what you can - glass, tins, paper, plastic, foil, clothes.
2. Reuse, repair and reclaim things.
3. Give clean, wearable unwanted clothes and other items to charity shops.
4. Compost kitchen waste or give it to a gardening friend (ask first!)
5. Insulate your home and save energy - cut costs and pollution.
6. Buy cruelty-free cosmetics, bathroom and kitchen products etc.
7. Try not to buy goods with wasteful excess packaging - it costs!
8. Don't drop litter - bin it at home. (Recycle bottles & cans)
9. Don't beg lifts for short journeys - walk if you can!
10. Use public transport or a bike if possible.
11. Look after your green and open spaces - they're precious.
12. Respect nature - it was here first.
13. Cut down on processed 'artificial' snacks - avoid chemicals in food.
14. Treat this world well - it's the only one we've got.
15. Use environmentally friendly 'green' products - read the labels!
16. Buy free-range eggs if possible - battery farming is cruel.
17. Support environmental groups - they're fighting for all our futures.
18. Campaign for cleaner beaches, rivers, countryside, parks, towns
19. Welcome garden wildlife with flowers, berries, ponds, hedges etc
20. Ask your local Energy Advice Centre to help cut your
family's fuel bills.
21 . Tell your friends and family what you are doing, and encourage them to do the same.

How many more things can YOU think of?

It's your future - look after it!