Here is a ready-made challenge for teachers and children around the world!

What you can do...

Teachers will find that the creation of an Ecotimecapsule is an extremely valuable exercise for school children at all levels. Here are some suggestions as to how to make it work.

Familiarise yourself with the reasons for burying an Ecotimecapsule and explain it to the children.

Look at the contents of the Ecotimecapsule buried in Ness Gardens, think about your own location and discuss with children suitable contents for such a capsule from your class or school.

Ask children to contribute poems, letters, stories and pictures to a publication of suitable materials rather like the examples on this website.

If it is impractical to bury an Ecotimecapsule in your area, then create a virtual Ecotimecapsule:

Build a web page with their efforts on it, linking it to the Ecotimecapsule site.

Print a copy of these, and make it part of the contents of an Ecotimecapsule in your vicinity when the opportunity arises.

Students will enjoy this exercise and it will fulfil and important part of their school curriculum, no mater where in the world they are located.

Let us know if you build such a website. We would love to hear from you.