The environment time capsule project is an initiative of Professor John Guillebaud, who, along with leading personalities such as

  • Environmentalist, David Bellamy
  • Actor, Susan Hampshire
  • Lord Mayor of Kew and Richmond
  • Director of Kew Gardens, Professor G. Prance

has initiated the process of placing time capsules in various parks and gardens and other suitable locations around the world, to be opened in the Year 2044, just 50 years from the time the original capsule was buried in Kew Gardens.

What was the purpose of this project, and how will it contribute towards making the world an environmentally safer place for our descendants?

Follow the links and explore this site, especially The Promise which includes the best contributions from 1994 (pictures, letters, poems) by the children who will be around when the capsule is opened in 2044 (this date being chosen because it was two generations later, see the quote below).

Help us to make a decent, truly sustainable future a reality for our grandchildren - and for all the wild species in Nature that humankind so threatens....

"We have not inherited the earth from our grandparents, we have borrowed it from our grandchildren" [Kashmiri proverb]

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